Working Towards Saving Our Planet

The human impact upon the planet has reached record highs.

Effects of climate change are evident around the world.

We are experiencing warmer, wetter winters, and hotter, drier summers, creating higher temperatures in our cities and some of the largest storms ever seen.

The increase in deforestation has seen more destruction to natural habitats than ever before in human history.

Deforestation on Earth
Children Planting Trees

Free Trees

We are able to give away free trees for schools and communities to help children and adults learn about the importance of trees. This programme is funded by Defra and delivered in partnership with the Woodland Trust. 

Deforestation Impact On Animals

The Earth Is Burning

The Planet Can Only Take So Much

From January - September 2019 there was a record 17,861,489 worldwide recorded fires.

Climate change, deforestation, urbanisation and illegal logging has caused devastation in forests around the world. This has resulted in loss of habitat for wildlife and animals as well as an increase in the carbon going back into the atmosphere.

By proactively campaigning, raising awareness and educating one another, we aim to bring about change for the greater good.

Our Team

We have a small core team and work with hundreds of volunteers to make our vision of a greener planet a reality.



I have first hand witnessed the destruction of forests in South America, Africa and East Asia. Action needs to be taken now.
Vince Co-Founder


I have worked on various environmental projects to help corporate organisations reduce their carbon footprint and deliver corporate social responsibility.
Ellie Community Manager


Community Manager
As Community Manager it is my responsibility to ensure all education, events, activities and bridge the gap between the local communities we help.

Corporate Sponsors

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